The continuous search for quality and excellence by the cooperative has meant that, despite the intrinsic characteristics of the territory, 90% of the production is extra-virgin and the remaining 10% is divided between virgin oil and lamp oil.

The constant innovation and resourcefulness in the management of the cooperative has allowed the realization of specific production sectors for the oil:
first of all the production of certified organic extra virgin olive oil ;
the introduction of the voluntary traceability process even before the mandatory one according to reg. Ce 178/2002 , thanks to the partnership with Assoproli Bari and its technical staff.

Last, but not in order of importance, the coop. Viterbo was among the first producers to bear the DOP brand "Terra di Bari" with the geographical mention "Murgia dei Trulli and the Grotte" in the realization of an extra virgin olive oil that contains all the characteristics and the typicality of the area of origin.